Increasing the efficiency of the sustainable seaweed value chain

Monday, November 6th

17.30 – 19.00 Registration at Bilderberg Europa Hotel Scheveningen

DAY 1 – Tuesday, November 7th

Official opening

9.00 Official opening of the conference by governmental official, member of the advisory committee and Paulien Hoftijzer, DLG Benelux, NL

9.10 Introduction to the morning session, Marcel Schuttelaar, Founder of Schuttelaar & Partners, member of Healthy World Cooperation, NL

9.15 Presentation overview seeweed sector in the Netherlands, Koen van Swam, North Sea Farm Foundation (St. Noordzeeboerderij), NL

9.30 Roundtable: Presentation Offshore Seaweed Cultivation on the North Sea

  • Deputy Mayor Karsten Klein, The Hague's alderman for Economic Affairs, Harbours, Welfare and Health as well as the Scheveningen district
  • Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra of Spatial Planning & Housing, Economic Development & Innovation and Aviation
  • Harmen Bosma Director of Rabobank The Hague and co-chair of the Innovationfund
  • Gerard Zwijnenburg, Director of W Van der Zwan & Zn Fisheries
  • Jan Busstra, MT-member North Sea and Oceans for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Eef Brouwers, North Sea Farm Foundation (St. Noordzeeboerderij), NL

Session 1: Current research, cultivation and product launches

10.00 Keynote: Stefan Kraan, Director R&D of Oceana Organic Products and Aquaceuticals Ltd.,
Worldwide seaweed experiences

10.30 Eef Brouwers, North Sea Farm Foundation (St. Noordzeeboerderij), Netherlands

Presentation overview European developments

10.50 Wrap-up  - Marcel Schuttelaar, Founder of Schuttelaar & Partners, member of Healthy World Cooperation,  Netherlands

11.00 Networking Break

Session 2: Products for current and future markets, commodities, high value products and developments to watch

Chair: Piet Bogaert, R&D Director, Cargill, Belgium

11.30 Alexandre Budan, PhD R&D Engineer, Cargill Premix Nutrition – Marcel Hulst, PhD, Livestock Research of Wageningen University and Research Centre and Marcel Hulst, Projectleader animal genomics, Wageningen Livestock Research, Netherlands

Potential of non-starch soluble polysaccharides from 3 algae to modulate the immune response and metabolic state in the intestine

12.00 Henri Beekers, plantcare R&D Manager, Melspring, Netherlands

Bioactive seaweed compounds and their role on plant development and yield

12.30 Sébastien Hameury, Thalgo, France

From the sea to the jar: the use of algae-derived ingredients in cosmetics

13.00 – 14.30 Networking / Lunch break / poster sessions

An introduction to the poster presenters:

  • Truus de Vrije
    Production of biobutanol from brown seaweeds
  • Jelle Van Leeuwen, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research
    Separation of salt and sugars from brown seaweed Saccharina latissima
  • Hilde Vaessen, Centre For Crop Systems Analysis
    Understanding nutrient uptake and growth in the macroalga Ulva lactuca
  • Tristan Speerstra, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
  • Tsjippie Visser, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
  • E. Malta, CTAQUA

Session 3: Practical approaches of efficient seaweed harvesting and processing

Chair: Ana Lopez Contreras, Wageningen UR, Netherlands

14.30 Olavur Gregersen, Ocean Rainforest, Farao Islands

Harvesting and processing, economical point of view

15.00 Inga Marie Aasen, SINTEF Material and Chemistry, Norway

Processes for protein utilisation and evaluation of product combinations in a seaweed biorefinery

15.30 Jan Wilco Dijkstra, Researcher Biorefinery Processes, ECN, Netherlands

Evaluation of large-scale production of fuels from seaweed

16.00 Networking Break

Session 4: Marine agronomy: Technologies to be transferred, from crop selection to rotation and the needs for advanced, structural engineering

Chair: Jon Funderud, CEO, Seaweed Energy Solutions AS, Norway 

16.30 Mark von Keitz, PhD, program director, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), USA

Preview of the ARPA-E MARINER program

17.00 Klaas Timmermans, NIOZ, The Netherlands

The scientific advances and objectives of COST action network PHYCOMORPH

17.30 Alvaro Israel, Israel Oceanographic & Limnological Research Ltd., Israel

Offshore seaweed cultivation in Israel: both economic and biological aspects

18.00 – 18.15 Wrap up day one - Pi Nyvall Collen, R&D Manager, Olmix, France

19.00 – 22.30 Conference dinner at Pier-Zuid Scheveningen
(upon registration for NZB members and students, included for all other attendees)
Location: Pier Zuid, Strandweg 150, 2586 JW Den Haag

DAY 2 – Wednesday, November 8th

Session 5: Sustainable germ production, breeding and selection

Chair: Jorunn Skjermo, SINTEF Ocean AS, NO

9.00 Ester Serrão, Ualg and CCMAR, Portugal

Practical applications of seaweed population genetics

9.30 Job Schipper, Hortimare, Netherlands

Seaweed Seed and Seeding

10.00 Dr. Yacine Badis, SAMS, Scotland

Hidden diversity in the genus Olpidiopsis is a global threat to algal cultivation and conservation

10.30 Networking Break

Session 6: Seagriculture in the context of governance, planning, ecosystems and environmental sustainability

Chair: Yvonne Koorengevel, Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, NL

11.00 John van Leeuwen, Seaweed Harvest Holland, the Netherlands

Innovative, efficient and sustainable seaweed cultivation in the Eastern Scheldt

11.30 Benny Pycke, R&D Project manager, Sioen, Belgium

SeaConomy - Resolving barriers to facilitate local cultivation, processing, and marketing of seaweed products in Flanders (Belgium)

12.00 Bela Buck, AWI, Germany

Integrating Seaweed Cultivation in Offshore Wind Farms

12.20 Sander van den Burg, Wageningen Economic Research

The Somos project, risk management and first results

12.30-12.45 Conference summary and words of thanks

13.00 Departure for excursions in the harbor and at sea, lunch on board (for all conference delegates)

From sea to rooftop farming

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16.30 Return to harbor and end of the conference