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6 Reasons for joining Seagriculture 2017

So, why should you visit Seagriculture? Allow us to convince you in six lines!

  1. Seagriculture is a superior meeting: Informative, comprehensive and topical
  2. Meet the international seaweed elite, excellent presentations and speakers
  3. Network with any or all of the following institutions: Algaia, ALGAPlus, Amadeite, Banco Español de Algas, BIM, Cargill, CEAMSA, CEVA, CIIMAR, Dalhouse University, DLG Benelux , DLG eV, Dutch Weed Burger, Evalou aps, Gabinete do Secretário de Estado das Pescas, Hortimare, ERANOVA, IHC, IMARES, Iranian National Institute for Oceanography and Atmospheric Science, Laboratory of Applied Biotechnology: Biomolecules, LEI, Leroy Seafood,  MSC / ASC, Noordzeeboerderij, North Seaweed BV, Ocean Rainforest, Olmix, SAMS, Savoie Technolac, SB Roscoff, Scottish Marine Institute, Seaweed Energy Solutions, Stemmatters, The Irish Seaweed Kitchen, University of Aveiro, University of Coimbra, University of Oslo, University of Porto, Van Hall Larenstein – University of Applied Sciences Wageningen UR, World Bank, Wageningen University, WUR – BBP, ZeevivoInstitutes
  4. Examine new developments, recognize key opportunities for your business, maximize your position in the global seaweed market
  5. Great networking, just the right size meeting for getting to know people
  6. Conference organisers and local suppliers will provides superb (seaweed) food and the stories behind

Still not convinced? Check out the conference movie from last year!

Click here for the movie!