Seagriculture EU
29 - 30 June 2022
Bremerhaven, Germany

From small scale to large scale kelp farming

 Alexander Ebbing, Research specialist, Hortimare, NL

About the speaker:Alexander is a marine biologist with a decade of experience in the field of seaweed aquaculture. He recently finished his PhD with the goal to better understand the life cycle of kelp, with the aim for true large scale cultivation of the species. The central theme of the research was to better understand and control multiannual delayed gametophytes, as seedstock for kelp farms. This is a cultivation method that is still very rarely used in the world of large scale kelp aquaculture. As a research specialist at Hortimare he helps translate the fundamental knowledge behind this cultivation method, to the more applied realisation of actually using this cultivation method at larger kelp farms.
Presentation:Hortimare has a history of collaboration with seaweed farms all over the world. Through these collaborations we have a keen insight into the bottlenecks that arise on our collective road towards large scale kelp aquaculture. The aim of this presentation is elaborate on what we consider to be the major bottlenecks, from small scale to large scale kelp farming. We furthermore delve deeper in how hortimare aims to solve these bottlenecks through knowledge sharing and inclusive collaboration, on a global scale.