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9th International Seaweed Conference

"Seaweeds: supporting the European Green Deal"

24 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2020, Bodø, Norway

Conference program

Session 1: European Green Deal and regulations

Session 2: EU projects

Session 3: Large scale seaweed cultivation and mechanization aspects

Lawrie Stove, Managing Director, AquaMoor Limited, UK

Gediminas Tamosaitis, CEO, Metal Production, LT

"Seaweed cultivation: from napkin sketch to mechanized harvesting"

Session 4: General seaweed

Patricia Bianchi, Seaweed Account Manager, Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council, UK 

 "Certification of Responsible Algae Production"

Vincent Doumeizel, Director, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, UK

Alexander Ebbing, Senior scientist & PhD candidate, NIOZ, NL

"Kelp breeding in Europe. Where do we stand, the challenges, and how do we move forward" read more...

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Session 5: Seaweed activities in Norway

Margarita Novoa-Garrido, Associate Professor, Nord University, NO

Heidi Meland, CEO in Algenetwork Nord, NO

Angelita Eriksen, Founder, Lofoten Seaweed, NO

Torben Marstrand, Co-founder, Folla Alger, NO

"IMTA In the North of Norway" 

Session 6: (Novel) seaweed applications

Pierre Paslier, Co-CEO, Notpla, UK

13.00- 17.00 Site visits