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9th International Seaweed Conference

"Seaweeds: supporting the European Green Deal"

24 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2020

Seagriculture 2020 Conference program

Day 1: Thursday, 24 September

Session 1: Seaweeds and the European Green Deal

European Commssion - speaker to be confirmed

European Commssion - speaker to be confirmed

Patricia Bianchi

Patricia Bianchi, Seaweed Account Manager, Aquaculture Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council, UK 

Session 2: EU projects

Olavur Gregersen, Managing Director, Ocean Rainforest, FO 

MacroCascade project

Speaker to be confirmed

Speaker to be confirmed

Session 3:
Large scale seaweed cultivation and mechanization aspects

Kim Kristensen

Kim Kristensen, Managing Director and co-owner, Arctic Seaweed AS, NO

Patrick Raub

Patrick Raub, Coordinator and Marine Development Manager, FR

Lawrie Stove, Managing Director, AquaMoor Limited, UK 

Gediminas Tamosaitis

Gediminas Tamosaitis, CEO and Cluster Coordinator, Metal Production, Rocket Cluster, LT

Marc von Keitz

Marc von Keitz, Program Director, ARPA-E, USA

"Status of ARPA-E”

Day 2: Friday, 25 September

Session 4: General seaweed

Bert Groenendaal, Independent Consultant, BGC, BE

"Status on the development of a European Seaweed Strategy"

Koen van Swam, General Manager & Public Affairs, North Sea Foundation, NL

"Status on the development of a European Seaweed Strategy"