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9th International Seaweed Conference

"Seaweeds: supporting the European Green Deal"

Vincent Doumeizel, Director Food Challenge, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, UK 

 "A Seaweed Manifesto and a Global Coalition for safety to enable collaboration in the seaweed industry" 

About the speaker:

Following a degree in economics, Vincent worked for the French government in Africa on agriculture projects.

With 20 years experience in food testing, inspection and certification, Vincent joined Lloyd’s Register as Vice President for Food and Sustainabiltity in 2014. Vincent now leads the charitable objectives of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation through the funding of innovative projects to drive safety in the food supply chain partnering with UN Global Compact, FAO, The World Bank, academics, NGO’s and large brands. Vincent is a regular speaker at world class event (UN, GFSI, FAO, WEF, WTO, etc…) and has recently led the design of a Seaweed Manifesto launched in June, 2020 by United Nations. Vincent is now working on funding and setting up a global coalition for safe seaweed production in order to gather  stakeholders and enable collaboration to scale up the industry

Company info:

The Lloyd’s Register Foundation is a charity with a mission is to enhance safety of life and property, and advance public education. It is based in the UK but gives grants globally (150M£ split in 25 countries). Lloyd’s Register Foundation is also the sole shareholder of the Lloyd’s Register Group who started out in 1760 as a marine classification society and is today one of the world's leading providers of verification services in over 75 countries worldwide. The revenues from the Foundation comes from the Group dividends and from investments. 
With 30 to 40 M£ granted every year, Lloyd’s Register Foundation has recently decided to concentrate further on Food Safety with an objective to contribute to enable a safe and sustainable food supply chain to feed the world of tomorrow. 


Businesses, governments, academia, non-governmental organisations and the UN must act together and deliver solutions addressing key issues such as hunger, poverty and climate change, to name a few. Ocean and seaweed specifically holds a huge potential to deliver on UN SDG’s. Going forward, we can scale up this industry to deliver safer and healthier food, low-carbon feed, as well as restoring ocean abundance capturing and storing carbon dioxide to limit climate change, while also creating new sources of revenue to alleviate poverty in coastal communities. Lloyd’s Register & UN Global Compact led the redaction of a a manifesto (  gathering input from World leading organizations (FAO, World Bank, Cargill, WWF, Riken Food, Metro, BNP Paris, SAMS, etc…). Released last June the document outlines the opportunities and barriers ahead of us and the need

  • harmonizing rules and regulations;
  • sharing science and safety best practices;
  • enabling innovations;
  • good marine spatial planning
  • new investment efforts can ensure this industry accelerates to the next level.


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For references, download the full Manifesto  :