Seagriculture EU
29 - 30 June 2022
Bremerhaven, Germany

Seaweed cultivation: from napkin sketch to global industrialization

Gediminas Tamošaitis, CEO, Metal Production & Rocket cluster, LT

About the speaker Gediminas/Jedi is thrilled about launching successful businesses and developing sustainable growth strategies for the blue industry. His strength is to engage team members and develop their unique personalities for the company's success. Since 2007 Co-founder and President of football team Saulininkas,2011 co-founder and CEO of a professional engineering company Metal Production, 2016, co-founder and coordinator of Rocket Cluster, 2019 co-founder of Sirputis. 

Company info:

Metal Production is a full-service product development and engineering company providing its assistance right from the beginning of concept generation all the way through to functional design and manufacturing. We design, deliver, and maintain strategic, complex assets for our customers across the global aquaculture, marine, offshore, seaweed and related sectors, with a focus on the clean energy and environment.

Metal Production helps businesses and startups with global challenges facing the Blue Growth industry. We have a network of 100+ subcontractors in the Baltic Region and we are coordinating Rocket Cluster, an organization that brings together professionals from different engineering fields with a shared passion for innovation and technology.


We aim for a long-term partnership as it is most beneficial for both parties. By working closely together, we understand what clients need and deliver tailor-fit solutions at a reasonable cost. We are qualified in many disciplines but have focused on macro and microalgae for more than six years. We were pleased to have an opportunity to work with one of the largest Norwegian seaweed farmers and face the new engineering challenges. Today these challenges are called cultivation modules, multiple substrates seeding machines, and mechanized harvesters. I will be happy to present the new know-how that Metal Production has gained over the last years in collaboration with global seaweed farmers and how unique ideas are turned into a reality that is currently accelerating the industrialization of the sector.


Design strategy and management, Design research and insights, Visions and design concepts, Mechanics and structure, Simulations and analysis, Prototyping, Manufacturing, R&D, Scale-up, Mechanization, Automation, Industrialization, Contract development, Contract manufacturing, Contract engineering, Mock-ups.