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Seagriculture 2019

9th International Seaweed Conference

"Seaweeds: supporting the European Green Deal"

24 - 25 SEPTEMBER 2020

Join the First Virtual Seagriculture 2020 Conference!

Seagriculture conference moved to a virtual conference this year!









Attending companies



Some seaweeds are microscopic, such as the phytoplankton that live suspended in the water column and provide the base for most marine food chains. Some are enormous, like the giant kelp that grow in abundant “forests” and tower like underwater redwoods from their roots at the bottom of the sea. Most are medium-sized, come in colors of red, green, brown, and black, and randomly wash up on beaches and shorelines just about everywhere.

Conference program

The conference gathers top speakers, who will share their know-how within seaweed for feed, food, offshore cultivation, biorefinery of seaweed and much more. Don't miss this unique opportunity to network with colleagues from all over Europe within industry and research. The two-day program will go into the many different applications of seaweed that exist now.

Seagriculture 2020 Advisory Committee

Bert Groenendaal  

R&D project coordinator, Sioen Industries, BE 

Dr. Alan Critchley

The Verschuren Centre for Sustainability in Energy and the Environment, Cape Breton University, CA

Bernardete Castro

Founder, AlgaeMech Engineering and Consultancy, NL

Dr Maria Hayes

Scientific Research Officer, Teagasc Food Research Centre, IRL

Franck Hennequart

Director Research & Innovation, ALGAIA, FR

Jacques Mazoyer

Principal Scientist chez Cargill, FR

Stefan Kraan

Chief Scientific Officer, The Seaweed Company, IRL

Helena Abreu

Managing Director, ALGA+, PT

Margarita Novoa-Garrido

Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, Nord University, NO

Aurélie Loaëc 

Raw material Specialist, Product & Process Development – Hydrocolloids, Cargill, FR

5 Reasons for joining Seagriculture conference
Why should you join Seagriculture? Allow us to convince you!

  • Seagriculture is a superior meeting: informative, comprehensive and topical
  • Meet the international seaweed elite, excellent presentations, poster presentation and speakers
  • Examine new developments, recognize key opportunities for your business, maximize your position in the global seaweed market
  • Great networking, just the right size meeting for getting to know people

Attending companies in 2020:

  • Algae Culture Tec Inc
  • Algaemech
  • Algaia
  • AlgaPlus
  • Aquaculture Stewardship Council
  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • AquaMoor
  • Arctic Seaweed
  • ARPA-E
  • ATSEA Nova NV
  • Cargill
  • CEVA
  • Compass Rose Sea Farms
  • DEME
  • Dredging International
  • European Commission
  • Fermentation
  • Hortimare
  • IGZ Großbeeren
  • Instituto Superior Tecnico
  • KU Leuven
  • Lerøy Seafood Group AS
  • Lloyd’s Register Foundation
  • Matis
  • Metal Production
  • NIOZ
  • Nord University
  • Norfolk Seaweed
  • North Sea Foundation
  • Notpla
  • Ocean Forest AS
  • Ocean Rainforest
  • Oceanium Ltd
  • Olmix
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Running Tide
  • TARI-Faroe Seaweed
  • Teagasc Food Research Centre
  • Údarás na Gaeltachta
  • Universiteit Gent
  • Wageningen Livestock Research
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Your Well

Who will attend:

  • Seaweed producers / cultivation plant owners and operators
  • Technology providers for cultivation, harvesting, dewatering, drying and processing
  • Venture capitalists and financial investors 
  • Pharmaceutical/ beauty companies
  • Food companies seeking new product development 
  • Opportunities for farmed seaweed-based food products  
  • Academics and researchers working in the seaweed or related area of maritime farming
  • Government









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