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Seagriculture 2018

7th International Seaweed Conference

6-7 November, Galway, Ireland

Meet your conference speakers

Indra te Ronde, MSc

Standardization Consultant, Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), NL

"European standards for algae. Introduction to the development of 10 European documents for algae/seaweed"

Indra te Ronde (male) is a business economist, specialized in the field of biomass, bio-based and (bio)energy, and (via NEN’s Energy department) he was responsible for several national, European and Global standard development projects on these topics. Furthermore he has been actively involved in European Horizon 2020 projects, such as, KBBPPS , OpenBio and InnProBio , with a dissemination oriented role.

Indra also coordinated the first year of the European Commission Mandate M547 ‘Algae’ (seaweed included) as secretary of CEN/BT/WG 218, to investigate the need for standards on algae and algae products. He is currently the project leader / secretary of CEN/TC 454 Algae and Algae Products, which develops 10 European CEN documents (standards/Technical Reports) for Algae and Algae products or intermediates, as part of this Mandate. He is founder (and current secretary) of the national mirror committee on Algae/Seaweed standardization in the Netherlands.


The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) was requested by the European Commission (EC) to draft European standards, via Mandate M547 ‘Algae’. CEN Technical Committee CEN/TC 454 ‘Algae and Algae Products, now works on the development of 10 CEN deliverables (CEN Standards and CEN Technical Reports).Topics included are Terminology on algae and Identification of microalgae strains and macroalgae by using molecular biology (DNA) analysis, and Product Test Methods (for Lipid Content, Sample Treatment and Chlorophyll). Also the publication Technical Reports about algae/seaweed and food/feed, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, and Materials/Chemicals aspects, is included. This presentation is not only aimed at informing about progress made so far (and explains how, still, to join the team). But it also explains how the work of CEN/TC 454 should improve the reliability of the supply chain, thereby improving the confidence of industry and consumers in algae, which includes seaweed, algae-based products or intermediates and will stimulate/enhance commercialization of the European algae and seaweed industry.