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Seagriculture 2019

8th International Seaweed Conference

"Seaweed Success Stories"

25-26 September 2019, Ostend, Belgium

Jack (Dongkyu) Lee

General Manager

SEADS Korea Co. Ltd. , KR




Born in seashore city and living with seaweed nature but grown-up as Sales and marketing experts in display and cinema industry. A half year ago, turned to bio field based on seaweed with passions to lead the current traditional Korean seaweed industry to future (chemicals and energy).


Although Korea is one of countries with the longest history of seaweed, Seaweed industry in Korea has 2 sides – much advanced in food but still toddler in other uses. Still Seaweed in Korean perception remains only as a food so I would like to introduce the advanced food from seaweed and also to comment our plan for future of Korean seaweed industry


Keywords: Korea, Seaweed, K-food, food innovation, seafood additives

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