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Seagriculture 2018

7th International Seaweed Conference

6-7 November, Galway, Ireland

Meet your conference speakers

John van Leeuwen

CEO, Seaweed Harvest Holland, NL

"Upscaling the economics and cooperation’s"

John van Leeuwen is MD of several companies, such as Seaweed Harvest Holland, founder and main shareholder. A fully integrated seaweed company, with there one lab facilities creating there juveniles, growing out and processing in one company and is one of the biggest seaweed harvesting companies in Europe. Founder of Seaweed Harvest Nordsea starting on 2 locations in 2019 in the Northsea , as also several other companies related to seaweed and food. With a background in travel retail /food related senior management functions, he decided 10 year ago to start promoting and make food products of locally harvested seaweeds Zilte Oogst, salty harvest and Sea-tea. To make this more sustainable the change from wild harvest to sustainable harvest was one of his top priorities. John is Involved in many research project related to seaweed, like medicines, for Diabetic 2, for Alzheimer. And projects in more food or feed related consumption and even refinement systems. His education background is in Hospitality, during his career he was always involved in new developments and innovations .


A presentation about the scale of seaweed harvesting, necessary to be in a rentability systems. What will be the cost of producing seaweed on the North sea and how may tons is necessary to go for break even Is cooperation between countries and compagnies better than finding our own individually innovations. And what will be the problems in equipment.
Systems etc Going from 10000m2 and 50000 meter of growing out lines in a sheltered area to 20000 hectares whit harsh conditions. 

Keywords: economics, sustainability, seaweed-harvesting systems, rentability, processing