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Seagriculture 2018

7th International Seaweed Conference

6-7 November, Galway, Ireland

Meet your conference speakers

Koen van Swam


North Sea Farm Foundation, NL

 "Seaweed and the Paris Climate Accords"

Koen van Swam is working in the seaweed sector since 2014. With a background in innovation and communication studies combined with two minors in environmental science, Koen is focused on developing public and stakeholder support for seaweeds developments in general. Through North Sea Farm fdn he is connected with multiple national and European programs such as ProSeaweed, Bio4Safe, IMPAQT and ValgOrize.


The effects of global warming on the environment are becoming more observable. For example, the loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves. Without doubt, these events have a disruptive impact on the way we live, produce and consume and forces us to find sustainable and more circular alternatives. To act on this major change, a wide range of states, companies and NGOs have agreed to work together on two major international initiatives. First, the 293 members of the United Nations supported the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to foster a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030. Secondly, 179 countries have ratified the international Paris climate accord to limit greenhouse gas emissions and prevent dangerous levels of global warming.

Looking through the lenses of both international agreements, we all see a clear and important role for seaweed. The production and consumption of seaweed is not only sustainable, nutritious and healthy, but can also offer new economic changes. Seaweed can grow without the use of land, freshwater and fertilizers. This set the unique possibility to make use of the undervalued source of food: the sea. In terms of application, seaweed is suitable as food for humans and animals and as a green raw material for pharma, chemistry and energy.

The presentation gives insight into both agreements and analysis how the European seaweed sector can be connected with the goals and indicators to gain more support of EU stakeholders. With the objective to give voice and further strengthen the European seaweed sector. 

Keywords: SDG’s, Climate Accord, European cooperation, impact,