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Seagriculture 2018

7th International Seaweed Conference

6-7 November, Galway, Ireland

Meet your conference speakers

Olavur Gregersen

Managing Director, Ocean Rainforest, FO

 "Seaweed cultivation and meaningful scale of economics"

Olavur Gregersen is M. Sc. in Business Administration, Economics and International Trade and Olavur has been an entrepreneur since 1988. He has more than 20 years of experience working with business development, marine management and economics. In addition, he has been an executive and non-executive director in several innovative companies and projects. Since 2011 he has been Managing Director and main shareholder of Ocean Rainforest.


The interest in sustainable seaweed cultivation and utilisation continues to increase in Europe and seemingly also in North America. Indeed, there seems to be a momentum to bring the many concepts being developed and tested in recent years in lab- and pilot scales into commercial operations. But, what scale of operation is needed to have a profitable seaweed cultivation farm? How much of the value chain does the seaweed farmer – or entrepreneur - need to invest in to become an attractive supplier to the market? And, is the market willing to pay the necessary price to return the investment in the chosen scale of operation? In addition, how can seaweed cultivation gain value from the ecosystem services it provides to the marine environment?

Ocean Rainforest is currently investigating these questions through the EU H2020-BBI-JU project MacroCascade and the US ARPA-E funded project MacroSystems. The work is based on a daily operation including all steps of cultivation and processing, the experience from the recent years of sales to different market segments, and based on the business development potential Ocean Rainforest is discovering through participation in research and development projects. Answers to these questions are important for developing the industry and to scale up operations in Europe and North America. The aim is therefore to put perspectives on seaweed cultivation and scale of economics – and increase understanding of when it is meaningful for entrepreneurs and investors to invest in the upscaling of this sustainable marine source.