Seagriculture 2019

8th International Seaweed Conference

"Seaweed Success Stories"

25-26 September 2019, Ostend, Belgium

Ir. Patrice Vandendaele 

Business Development Manager

AtSeaNova NV , BE

"Large-scale offshore seaweed farming"




He has, since the 1980’s, gained vast experience in running successful SME’s. His speciality is R&D projects, business development management and Open Innovation. Since 2013, he has been involved in the At~Sea project as the head of the AlgaeBinder development and as Exploitation Manager Patrice was in charge of writing the business plan leading to the foundation of AtSea. Today, Patrice is shareholder and member of the board.

Co-author of several patents: 

-    2D textile substrate for the cultivation of red seaweeds (AlgaeVeg)

-    micro-encapsulation of bacteria

-    Use of microencapsulated bacteria for self-healing concrete

-    Use of bio aggregates against insects

Author and co-author of different papers and presentations at international conferences concerning the application of spin finishes, antimicrobials, microencapsulation in the textile industry, Open Innovation and seaweed farming.


Civil Engineer in Chemistry (master degree), graduate from de University of Liège – Belgium

Master in Business Administration, graduate from Vlerick Business School  – Gent,  Belgium


The recent social awareness of the dramatic impact of global warming and the public pressure to do something about it, led consequently to a spectacular demand for seaweed cultivation technology and the willingness to pay. Production of sustainable biomass, CO2 mitigation and, very recently, methane emissions by ruminants are the main reasons for this sudden acceleration. 

This boom in the market demand, the high manpower costs and poor performance in offshore cultivation areas has forced us to rethink seaweed cultivation technology. 

After the FP7 project At~Sea (2012-2015), AtSeaNova NV (AtSea) was founded in 2016. AtSea has invested 2.100.000€ more in order to deliver an integrated industrial seaweed farm concept based on innovative and patented 2D seaweed cultivation substrates comprising a tubular structure, an innovative mooring system and a seeding and harvesting machine. AtSea showed the potential of this disruptive technology at its test farms in Solund Norway and Lastres Spain. Large-scale industrial seaweed cultivation is technically and economically feasible in Europe and abroad. 

Our Mission: Create a paradigm shift in seaweed farming to unlock the potential of seaweeds. 

Our Goal: Market 2D turnkey seaweed farming technology and mechanization thus contributing to the huge challenges related to food, climate change, energy transition, people’s welfare, and much more.


Seaweed cultivation, offshore farming, large-scale seaweed farming

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