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9th International Seaweed Conference

"Seaweeds: supporting the European Green Deal"

Patrick Raub, Marine Project Manager, AlgeaNova, DO

 "Mechanical harvesting of free floating Sargassum that attacks Caribbean beaches"  

About the speaker:

Patrick Raub has been involved in the last 40 years in boat engineering and building. For now 8 years, he has fullfiled a role of marine consellor and project manager for HoldiNova Group and its sister companies AtSeaNova Offshore Seaweed Farming and AlgeaNova Sargassum Protection.

Company info:


A Dominican Republic company from HOLDINOVA Group .HOLDINOVA

A sister company named NavyNova is designing and building all harvesters and dedicated floating machines.


AlgeaNova has developed a complete solution to collect and process the Sargassums. From their arrival by large mats to their transformation, the company takes care of all operations at sea and on land.

First : Protecting the bays and beaches from the arrival of the seaweeds by a floating barrier

Second: Collecting the sargassums alongside the barriers with a Sargassum Harvester

Third : Transporting them to land by Cargo barge, NovaCargo

Fourth : unloading and transport to a transformation site, with NovaTrailor

Fifth: Processing the fresh or dry sargassum by different technics, as Bioplastics, as compost, as biogaz



AlgeaNova ; Sargassum ; Sargasso ; Floating Barrier ; Bioplastic ; compost ; floating dam