Seagriculture 2019
8th International Seaweed Conference

25-26 September 2019, Belgium

A Poster session is a one-to-one informal discussion between presenters and their audience on a conference-related theme. Presenters post their research design and findings on a poster board; i.e., a brief text clearly labeled and illustrated by photos, charts, graphs, tables.


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Poster criteria 

Information Clarity

  • Poster information written and presented in such a way that an informed audience could easily understand
  • Well-developed organization of information

Result Quality

  • Accurate information and explanation
  • Appropriate quantitative analysis

Topic Creativity & Relevance

  • Interesting, innovative topic
  • Study current and relevant

Visual Presentation

  • Poster arranged and presented in a logical, neat fashion, including relevant tables and diagrams
  • Font color and size appropriate and legible

Overall Impression

  • Attracted and held interest
  • Conveyed a clear message
  • Appealing layout overall

If you have any questions with regard to poster submission, please contact Mrs. Isa Putman