Seagriculture 2018

7th International Seaweed Conference

6-7 November, Galway, Ireland

Governance and the Sustainable Scale up of production and processing of seaweed


Session 1: Regulatory environment of seaweed farming
Chairman: Stefan Kraan, Oceana Organic Products and Aquaceuticals Ltd, IRL

"European standards for algae. Introduction to the development of 10 European documents for algae"

Indra te Ronde, MSc
Standardization Consultant, Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), NL

Session 2. What is an economical sustainable scale on farming seaweed in Europe?

Chairman: Lucy Watson, Aquaculture Technical Specialist, BIM, IRL

"Support & mitigate risks in seaweed supply chain to better feed the world of tomorrow"

Vincent Doumeizel

Vice President Food & Sustainability at Lloyd's Register, UK

John van Leeuwen

CEO, Seaweed Harvest Holland, NL

Olavur Gregersen
Managing Director, Ocean Rainforest, FO

3: What are the mechanical Critical Success Factors for Scaling up?
Chairman: Maria Hayes,Teagasc Food Research Centre, IRL

Bernadette Castro
CEO, AlgaeMech Engineering and Consultancy, NL

"Market based instruments to address environmental and social issues on seaweed cultivation and harvest"

Patricia Bianchi
Stewardship Council and Marine Stewardship Council, UK

4: Critical Factors for upscaling in food and nonfood sector, feed, medicine and new applications

Chairman: Franck Hennequart, Director Research & Innovation, ALGAIA, FR

"From the laboratory to the industrial scale up: exemple on brown macroalgal compounds"

Franck Hennequart
Director Research & Innovation, ALGAIA, FR

Thijs Hoogveld
Product manager, Olijck, NL


Session 5: Species; current and future target species, from strain to sea crop

Chairman: Helena Abreu, ALGAplus, PT

Freddie O'Mahony
Cartron Point Shellfish, IRL

"Seaweeds for food, feed and bio-based products: opportunities & threats"

Adrie van der Werf
Wageningen University & Research, NL

"Perspectives in Marine Active Cosmetic Ingredients: Macroalgae Culture as New opportunities"

Rémi Laville
Innovation & development - Active Biotechnology Manager, BiotechMarine - Seppic, FR

Session 6: How can we make the seaweed market grow?

Chairman: Pi Nyvall Collén, Olmix, FR

John Fitzgerald,
Atlantic Irish Seaweed, IRL

"Positive business cases outlook; - Orchestrated Cascaded Value Extraction - through NOVEL (bio-) technology"

Theo Verleun
Biotech & biomass business development expert / consultant, LIGAROS, NL

Prof. Matt Dring

Queen's University Marine Laboratory Portaferry, IRL