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Seagriculture 2019

8th International Seaweed Conference

"Seaweed Success Stories"

25-26 September 2019, Ostend, Belgium


Wednesday 25 September - Day 1

09.00-10.10 Session 1 Success Story
Chairman: Marcel Schuttelaar, Founder of Schuttelaar & Partners


Bert Groenendaal, R&D project coordinator, Sioen Industries, BE


Marcel Schuttelaar, Founder of Schuttelaar & Partners, NL


Carl Decaluwé, Governor Province West-Vlaanderen, BE

Helena Abreu

"Cultivation of red seaweeds in Portugal"

Helena AbreuManaging Director, AlgaPlus, PT
Prof. dr. Olivier De Clerck

"Embracing algal diversity in aquaculture"

Prof. Olivier De Clerck, Ghent University, BE

10.40-12.00 Session 2: EU Consortia on Health 

“Medical trials with seaweeds extracts on patients with gastrointestinal disorders”

Alexander Villadsen, Silkeborg Hospital, DK

"Novel feed additives based on ensiled seaweeds and rapeseed”

Søren Kjærulff, CEO Fermbiotics, DK

“Commercial kelp processing and storage including ensilage methods for value creation
and improved health” 

Urd Grandorf Bak, Research manager, Ocean Rainforest, FO 
Monique Mulder

"Dietary Sargassum fusiforme improves memory and reduces amyloid plaque load in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model"

Monique Mulder, Head of the Laboratory of Vascular Medicine at Erasmus MC, NL

13.30- 14.50 Session 3: Mechanization
Chairman: Piet Bogaert, Product and Process Development Manager, Cargill, BE

"Large-scale offshore seaweed farming" 

Patrice Vandendeale, Business Development Manager, AtSeaNova, BE

Shrikumar Suryanarayan,

“A tropical seaplant based bioeconomy – Advances in cultivation systems and conversion to products“ 

Shrikumar SuryanarayanManaging Director, Sea6 Energy Private Limited, IN

 "Mechanized and automated large scale cultivation  of seaweed"

Charles Laarhuis, CEO, SeatechEnergy, NL

15.20-16.40 Session 4: Applications (cosmetics, bioplastics, food)

Chairman: Anne Belinda Bjerre, Senior Scientist, Danish Technological Institute, DK

''Oceanium: Developing the seaweed biorefinery concept to produce bio-packaging"

Charlie Bavington, CTO/Co-Founder, Oceanium, UK

"Seaweed packaging to tackle plastic pollution"

Pierre Paslier, Co-Founder, Skipping Rocks Lab, UK

"Seaweed’s role in addressing current global food and nutrition security; Changing trace mineral and consumer trends"

Taylor Widrig, President, Mermaid Fare, CA

16.40-17.00 Closure of the Conference day : Anne Belinda Bjerre, Senior Scientist, Danish Technological Institute, DK

17.00 - 18.00 Cocktail reception 

sponsored by POM West-Vlaanderen

19.00-22.30 Conference dinner - Twins Club

Seaweed chef Donald Deschagt has for nine years now been a passionate user of seaweed. He is aware of the changing ecology of the Coast, and is finding sustainable ways of using it. Seaweed has been declared to be the vegetable of the future, and Donald makes eager use of that trend.

Thursday 26 September - Day 2

09.00-10.20 Session 5: Macrofuels (Large Scale) 

Chairman: Kieran Jones, Operations Manager, The Seaweed Company IRL

“ Ecosystem impact of large-scale macroalgae cultivation“ 

Annette Bruhn, Senior Researcher Seaweed Cultivation, Aarhus University, DK 
Anne Belinda Bjerre,

"MacroFuels: 100% seaweed based biofuels + value-added products "

Anne Belinda Bjerre, Senior Scientist, Danish Technological Institute, DK

 "IDEALG and GENIALG: strategies towards seaweed success stories"

Philippe Potin, Scientific coordinator IDEALG & GENIALG, FR

10.40-12.20 Session 6: Chain thinking
Chairman: Helena Abreu, Managing Director, AlgaPlus, PT

"SEACONOMY: Unlocking the Flemish seaweed economy"

Benny Pycke, R&D Project Manager, SIOEN, BE 

"Towards an impact driven seaweed industry: enabling technical and social innovation."

Koen van Swam, General and Public Affairs Manager, Noordzeeboerderij, NL
Jack Lee

"Seaweed innovation in Korea – Beyond the limits of food"

Jack Lee, General Manager, SEADS Korea Co. Ltd, KR

”ASC/MSC Seaweed certification and eco-labelling – 2019 Update”

Bertrand Charron, Science & Sustainability Communications Manager, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, NL

12.00-12.10 Introduction - European Seaweed Platform

12.10-12.30 Conference summary and words of thanks