Seagriculture EU
29 - 30 June 2022
Bremerhaven, Germany


Increasing the flow of information to break down silos

and increase investment

Steven Hermans, Founder, Phyconomy, BE

About the speaker:Steven Hermans is the founder of Phyconomy, a project to track the emerging seaweed economy.

Company info: Phyconomy is a project to track the emerging seaweed economy.

As interest in the seaweed industry grows beyond the confines of a small inner circle, future growers, buyers, workers, and investors have difficulty finding the information they need to decide for themselves what the future of this new industry might be.

Phyconomy aims to make the case for seaweed grounded in data, while also making it easier for those new to the industry to find the information they are looking for.