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Seagriculture 2018

7th International Seaweed Conference

6-7 November, Galway, Ireland

Meet your conference speakers

Theo Verleun

Biotech & biomass business development expert / consultant, LIGAROS, NL

"Positive business cases outlook; - Orchestrated Cascaded Value Extraction - through NOVEL (bio-) technology"

After many years in several biotech jobs and positions (from brain cancer research, through HIV diagnostics until enzyme realted business/division unt manager) at mainly multinational companies, Theo started his own company’s (see below) in 2016. In the latter part of his carreer at a big multinational, Theo had the chance to see the opportunities in the field of Seaweed biorefining. With some (financial & technical) help, Theo was able to proof the point; It is relatively easy, to perform cascaded value extraction from seaweed as biomass. Extraction of proteins from seaweeds and convert the remaining biomass, after protein extraction, to biogas, yielded in record time significant volumes. Additonal extractants at reach show great persepctive for a positive business case using seaweed as novel biomass………. IF, ………..

Comapny info:

• LIGAROS BV ( Consulting compnay with expertise in biotech / biomass / refining as well als NBD/ sales/ marketing of food&feed ingredients.

• GOA-VENTURES BV ( Seaweed biorefining company 


Bio refining of biomass offering great opportunities. The word bio refining is already hugged to death however with recent needs and demands for biomass utilization it has been revived. This time it has a more sophisticated content in which not only the academic opportunities are explored but now also the entrepreneurs are getting into the race. Especially the role of the value chain orchestrator is getting dominant and crucial important to achieve positive business cases. IN this presentation you will be taken forward into the cascaded value extraction; ‘’bio refining’’. For this audience the most attractive element will be the light on bio refining of Seaweed which will lead to positive business cases where food (feed) energy and seagriculture get together supported by the maritime and fishery industry.

Keywords: cascaded value extraction, biomass knowledge, value-chain orchestration, biorefiing, biotechnology