Seagriculture 2018

7th International Seaweed Conference

6-7 November, Galway, Ireland

Seagriculture 2018 Trade Show

Every year, several companies decide to showcase their product/technology to an expert audience at Seagriculture 2018.
You can too! You can register as a trade show participant!

Seagriculture Trade Show participant  € 500

Included is:

  • A fixed space in the trade show costs €500-. For that you get a table top measuring 180 cm x 90 cm and electricity for 2 days
  • Your logo and 150 words on our website and in of our e-mail shots
  • Coverage in our social media campaigns
  • Please note that booking a conference ticket is mandatory when booking a trade show space
Contact us if you have questions, or if you want to book a space.
Seagriculture Product Market  € 150

Do you sell seaweed products? That’s great! The attendees of the international conference are interested to see all the products that are on the market. Join the Seagriculture 2018. The market will be open for all delegates during the breaks but also there will be 2 hours a public opening between 15.00 and 17.00.

Your products can be displayed and sold at market stand. We will send you more information on request.

Please note that participation at the product market does not include conference attendance.

Of course, tailor made solutions are always an option. Any question? Contact Mrs. Isa Putman

Seagriculture 2018 Trade show participants

Hortimare produces seaweed plantlets year-round suitable for a selection of substrates and cultivation systems. Hortimare supplies the seaweed plantlets in suspension in flasks, in this way allowing the seaweed farmer to seed them directly to the final cultivation substrate using special Hortimare Seaweed Adhesive! Beside that Hortimare works on the selective breeding of better, high yielding varieties. At Hortimare we believe that sustainable and circular approaches using seaweeds as a crop are one of the most promising ways of producing food, feed and useful components for many types of products and applications. For this reason we only use local derived seaweed species and ecotypes in our program. Hortimare serves all countries in Northwest Europe and holds laboratories and hatcheries at the island of Texel in The Netherlands and in Norway.  

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