Seagriculture EU
29 - 30 June 2022
Bremerhaven, Germany

Water and energy nexus: a demonstration of seaweed cultivation using cold seawater discharge from LNG receiving terminal

Yu-Hsiang Weng, Green Technology Research Institute, CPC Corporation, TWN

(Winner SEAGRICULTURE Innovation Award 2021)

About the speaker: Yu-Hsiang Weng has been an algae person since he joined Green Technology Research Institue in 2011. Currently, he is the head of the department of environmental protection, Green Technology Research Institue, CPC Corporation, Taiwan. 

Company info: Green Technology Research Institute is a research institute aiming at developing energy-saving, carbon dioxide reduction and clean energy technologies. Using cold seawater discharge from LNG receiving terminal to cultivate seaweeed is one of the examples to demonstrate its efforts to create a better world for human beings.



Each year, Taiwan imports more than 20,000 tons of seaweed worldwide for food and food processing industries. One of reasons that we could not grow seaweeds is limited by seawater temperature. Additionally, Taiwan ranks the fifth in liquefied natural gas (LNG) importing country. Each year, more than 16 million tons of LNG are imported worldwide. We constructed a land-based seaweed agriculture model for growing seaweeds adjacent to a LNG receiving terminal. A pilot plant with production capacity of 2 tons/year using cold seawater discharge from LNG recovering terminal as feed water was successfully demonstrated. Sarcodia sp. is cultivated year-round. The noodle, egg roll, ice cream, functional products etc. are developed and will enter the market in the near future.