Trade show

Seagriculture EU

29 - 30 June 2022

Bremerhaven, Germany


UAB Metal Production

Metal Production

Metal Production is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) strong in designing, modeling, and producing non-standard upstream, midstream, downstream equipment for aquafarming, marine, and offshore industries.

Metal Production is a coordinator of the Rocket cluster and has a network of 100+ subcontractors in the Baltic Region. We aim to gather key engineering companies and investors (owners-partners) to help startups with our expertise in global challenges facing the blue industry in recruiting water and oceans.

SAMS Enterprise

SAMS Enterprise is the commercial arm of the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and supports a sustainable blue economy with its specialist marine environmental consultancy. The organization is at the leading edge of global macro and microalgae and marine biotechnology research and development and is a trailblazer in seaweed farming.

SAMS Enterprise operates a recently expanded bio-secure, state-of-the-art seaweed nursery producing seeding materials for their research farm and commercial clients. It is also home to The Seaweed Academy, a UK Government-funded initiative, which delivers professional training, consultancy, CPD, and industry development support, all based on SAMS research excellence and decades of experience in seaweed farming.

Murre Technologies

Murre Technologies has been supplying the EasyFarm system with which mussel seed cultivation is possible, for almost 20 years. Seaweed cultivation and processing is their next development. Murre Technologies is building a harvester that harvests the seaweed from the cultivation nets in the sea. Sowing seaweed is also part of the EasyFarm concept, which is why they supply the complete system for harvesting and sowing the seaweed. We have also developed a seaweed bubble washer to sort the sand and undersized waste such as crustaceans from the product during the washing process. The system is equipped with separation rollers for this, the washing water is continuously filtered through a separator drum. To reduce the iodine content, we use a blanching/cooling system.

In short, we are your partner in seaweed harvesting and processing!

Seaweed Solutions

Seaweed Solutions AS is one of Europe’s seaweed pioneers and was the first company in Norway to start farming seaweed. Since 2009, the company has invested significantly in R&D across the seaweed value chain including both biology, marine technology and processing. The company operates a flagship farm at Frøya, Norway and offers a scalable supply of high quality seaweed in bulk (B2B) to food, feed and other markets as well as supplying seeds to other farmers. With a vision to enable large scale seaweed farming in Europe, the company continues to take an active part in innovation activities through its own R&D and through partnerships.


Intermas Group is a worldwide leader in extruded plastic manufacturing, supplying on 5 continents and to 70 countries, with 65 years of huge experience in the market. Our Aquaculture activity is specialized in offering solutions for the seaweed industry as shellfish cultivation (oysters, mussels, clams, abalone, etc.), shrimp farming and others. Our nets are made of 100% polyethylene and polypropylene and are treated to protect from oxidation and UV rays. Moreover, we are working on the development of compostable products from sustainable materials that are suitable with the environment protection, particularly BIO tubular meshes for seaweed farming and also Biorope. Our nets are specially designed for seaweed farming as Kappaphycus alvarezii, Euchema denticulatum and Gracilaria sp. As per our ropes, they are optimum for sustainable kelp cultivation.

Alvan Blanch

Alvan Blanch is a manufacturing and project engineering company with a global outlook, specialising in the design, production and supply of quality drying systems and processing machinery. Established for over 70 years creating innovative and products encompassing many stages of the mechanical processing for most of the world’s aquaculture, agriculture, waste products and biofuels, varying in scale from individual machines to large-scale industrial projects. Energy efficient solutions for the reduction energy consumption and carbon emissions.





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