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Turismo Centro Portugal


University of Aveiro

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The University of Aveiro (UA) is among the most dynamic and innovative universities in the country. UA has a strong research profile contributing to the progression of science and technology, and is a privileged partner to companies and other national and international organizations with which cooperates in numerous projects. UA has the highest scientific production and patents, per staff member, in Portugal, and it is in the Top 100 best young Universities (under 50 years old) in the word as well as in the world Top 500 universities according the Shanghai Ranking. UA is highly committed to develop sustainable and cost-effective production systems for seaweeds, with emphasis on land-based modular integrated multi-trophic solutions. The valorisation of seaweed biomass is also a research priority at UA, namely through the development of origin certification/production tools, cleaner bio-refinery processes and the use of mass-spectrometry based approaches to unravel the true potential of seaweed bioactive molecules.

Câmara Municipal de Ilhavo


Câmara Municipal de Aveiro

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Escola de formação profissional em turismo de Aveiro (EFTA)



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ecoTips verschijnt zes maal per jaar en richt zich tot bedrijfsleiders, zaakvoerders, milieu- en duurzaamheidscoördinatoren, ambtenaren en overheidspersoneel, onderzoekers en docenten, kortom tot iedereen die beroepshalve verantwoordelijk is voor, betrokken is bij of interesse heeft in duurzaam ondernemen. Een proefnummer vraag je aan via









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