Seagriculture EU
29 - 30 June 2022
Bremerhaven, Germany



The number of articles written about seaweed over the past year and publications – both scientific as well as to the wider public through social media, newspapers, magazines, and television - reflect the popularity of seaweed. 

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Anybody working in or around the seaweed industry has noticed the increased interest in seaweed and the fact that new farms are being established both in Europe and on other continents. Already existing farms start to scale up to larger volumes as they know that the demand for seaweed will be growing in the coming years and the industry needs to prepare itself to be ready.

So, the big question we now have to ask ourselves, is: how to scale up to become a large-scale kelp farm to provide various industries with the volume needed? 

Alexander Ebbing has clear ideas about that and is very keen on sharing them with you. He is a marine biologist with a decade of experience in the field of seaweed aquaculture and recently finished his Ph.D. with the goal of better understanding and controlling multiannual delayed gametophytes (MAD) as seedstock for kelp farms. This cultivation method is rarely used in the world of large scale kelp aquaculture. As a research specialist at Hortimare, he will take you on a MAD journey during his presentation about what we consider to be the major bottlenecks and how Hortimare aims to solve these through knowledge sharing and collaboration on a global scale.

A preview of our vision can be watched in Alexander’s movie which can be seen via this link


Hortimare is the supplier of high-quality starting material to enable seaweed farmers to harvest good yields. We advise, support, and collaborate closely with seaweed farmers in order for them to expand and scale up to essential volumes to make seaweed a competitive alternative for land-based products. Hortimare has over 10 years of experience in breeding and propagating seaweed. The expertise lies in the biological and technological area. For questions, please contact on  

20 May 2022



David Mackie, Founding Director of Marine Biopolymers, a seaweed biorefining company, gave us an interesting interview in which he talked about his views on the development of the seaweed industry in Europe and what David will pay attention to during the presentation in Bremerhaven, Germany on 29-30 June.

The interview is available here


16 May 2022


SAMS joins the ‘Seaweed Revolution’ as it opens a new training center! 


The emerging UK seaweed farming industry has taken a huge step forward with the opening of the Seaweed Academy at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) in Oban.

The Seaweed Academy is the UK’s first dedicated seaweed industry facility, using the research knowledge generated at SAMS to offer advice to start-ups, train workers and share the latest research to help businesses develop. The £400,000 funding for the project has come from the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund.


Vincent Doumeizel of Lloyd’s Register Foundation and United Nations Global Compact was keynote speaker at the launch event on April 26. He said: “12,000 years ago, human beings moved out of prehistory when they began cultivating plants on land. Today, our growing population and pressing ecological concerns lead us to look once more at this forgotten ocean treasure. 

“Education is absolutely critical here as we collectively need to learn from this past experience in the ocean to build a sustainable future on land. A Seaweed Academy to train future seaweed pioneers is the best to reconnect altogether with sea vegetables. It may well be a new revolution for our civilization, a Seaweed Revolution!”

Globally, the seaweed farming industry has been growing exponentially and is estimated to be worth around $15billion per annum. However, the vast majority of this activity is in Asia and there is huge growth potential in Europe, with a growing demand for seaweed from gourmet restaurants to livestock feeds. 

12 May 2022


Seagriculture 2022 EU Conference is delighted to announce Seaweed for Europe as a new bronze sponsor!

Seaweed for Europe is a Coalition seeking to accelerate and scale the European seaweed industry by driving innovation and investment, with the ultimate aim of unlocking significant economic, environmental, and social benefits. The Coalition brings together a range of stakeholders from the seaweed value chain, the investment world, and science and civil society thought leaders. It is headed by a Coalition Secretariat run by SYSTEMIQ as well as Co-Chairs Maria Damanaki, Maren Hjorth Bauer, and Vidar Helgesen.


Seagriculture and Seaweed for Europe look forward to welcoming you to Seagriculture conference in Bremerhaven on 29th & 30th June 2022.

14 April 2022


Seagriculture 2022 EU Conference is delighted to announce Seaweed Solutions as a new silver sponsor!

Seaweed Solutions AS is one of Europe’s seaweed pioneers and was the first company in Norway to start farming seaweed. Since 2009, the company has invested significantly in R&D across the seaweed value chain including both biology, marine technology and processing. The company operates a flagship farm at Frøya, Norway and offers a scalable supply of high quality seaweed in bulk (B2B) to food, feed and other markets as well as supplying seeds to other farmers. With a vision to enable large scale seaweed farming in Europe, the company continues to take an active part in innovation activities through its own R&D and through partnerships.

Seaweed Solutions are attending Seagriculture 2022 in Bremerhaven! Sugar Kelp and Winged Kelp are now growing at our 20 ha farm, located in the clear and cold seas of Norway ready to be harvested just in time for the conference! 

Seaweed Solutions look forward to meeting old acquaintances and expanding their network with new members of the rapidly growing seaweed community.

23 March 2022


Seagriculture 2022 EU Conference is delighted to announce  SAMS Enterprise as a new silver sponsor!

SAMS Enterprise is the commercial arm of the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and supports a sustainable blue economy with its specialist marine environmental consultancy. The organisation is at the leading edge of global macro and micro algae and marine biotechnology research and development and is a trailblazer in seaweed farming.


SAMS Enterprise operates a recently expanded bio-secure, state-of-the-art seaweed nursery producing seeding materials for their research farm and commercial clients. It is also home to The Seaweed Academy, a UK Government funded initiative, which delivers professional training, consultancy, CPD and industry development support, all based on SAMS research excellence and decades of experience in seaweed farming.

Seagriculture and SAMS Enterprise look forward to welcoming you to Seagriculture conference in Bremerhaven on 29th & 30th June 2022.

16 March 2022


Seagriculture 2022 EU Conference is delighted to announce Hortimare as a first bronze sponsor!

Hortimare is the reliable, sustainable and long term orientated supplier of high quality starting material for the seaweed industry globally. The long term focus of Hortimare is to supply the right varieties of seaweed to build up a sustainable business that can compete with land based agriculture and supporting the development of large scale farms to increase the farmers chance of success. Hortimare also provides hatchery support and the option for farmers to enter into a breeding contract with the aim of optimizing yield in the near future. By collaborating closely with our clients, we can speed up the necessary developments to make them successful.


Seagriculture and Hortimare look forward to welcoming you to Seagriculture conference in Bremerhaven on 29th & 30th June 2022.

10 March 2022


Seagriculture 2022 EU Conference is delighted to announce Metal Production from Lithuania, as a new silver sponsor!

Metal Production is a full-service product development and engineering company providing its assistance right from the beginning of concept generation all the way through to functional design. The company also helps clients with production tooling, manufacturing sourcing, and certification assistance. It designs, delivers, and maintains strategic, complex assets for its customers across the global aquaculture, seaweed, marine, offshore and related sectors, with a focus on the clean energy, environment, and infrastructure markets. 

UAB Metal Production

Metal Production is a coordinator of the Rocket cluster and has a network of 100+ subcontractors in the Baltic Region, aiming to gather key engineering companies and investors to help startups with global challenges facing the blue industry in recruiting water and oceans.

More than 25 speakers will share their knowledge, expertise and above all passion for all aspects of seaweed farming. Not only the speakers will focus on the technical aspects of seaweed farming but also aspects such as ecosystems, marketing, supply chain, sustainability and future developments.

22 February 2022

On 15 & 16 September the tenth edition of Seagriculture took place in an online format. Although that the tenth edition took place online the organizers have worked very hard to arrange a great line up in speakers and added new features such as the Seaweed Quiz, European Union – Seagriculture Algae Innovation Awards and a special USA night session focusing on seaweed activities in the USA.

More than 25 speakers from 11 countries worldwide shared their knowledge, expertise and above all passion for all aspects of seaweed farming. Not only the speakers focused on the technical aspects of seaweed farming but also aspects such as ecosystems, marketing, supply chain, sustainability and future developments were addressed.

With over 180 registrations this edition of Seagriculture was the best attended event so far. This clearly shows that the seaweed community is growing and that seaweed professionals are interested in a platform such as Seagriculture to share knowledge and connect with other professionals in the industry. In addition to the high number of registrations it was remarkable that the attendees were coming from all over the globe, overcoming different time zones. In total Seagriculture welcomed participants from 27 countries.

On 16th September, Felix Leinemann, Head of Unit Blue Economy Sectors, Aquaculture and Maritime Spatial Planning, European Commission, DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries handed out the European Union – Seagriculture Algae Innovation Award to: Green Technology Research Institute, CPC Corporation, from Taiwan - Gold, THE BLUE FUTURE from Spain - Silver and Rhodomaxx SDN BHD from Malaysia – Bronze and audience award.

In total 16 innovations were submitted from all over the globe of which 40% were submitted from Europe, this underlines the innovative character of the seaweed industry.

Transitioning to a sustainable blue economy requires investing in innovative technologies. Whether this is in wave or tidal energy, algae production, development of innovative fishing gear or restoration of marine ecosystems, the objective is to create new green jobs and businesses in the blue economy.

By funding the Seagriculture Innovation Awards the European Commission shows its commitment to transitioning to a sustainable blue economy and offers entrepreneurs and academia the possibility to contribute to this transformation by highlighting their innovative services and products which could make a positive impact to our blue economy.

During the USA night session, Dana Eidsness, director of the MENADO at Maine International Trade Center introduced Seagriculture USA 2022, which will be held on 7-8 September in Portland Maine.

Maine is one of the hotspots for seaweed farming in the USA so the choice for Portland, Maine, comes as a natural one. Seagriculture USA is being sponsored by: Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), Maine Technology Institute (MTI), Maine International Trade Center (MITC) and Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO).

The USA edition comes in addition to the European edition of Seagriculture which will next year be held in Bremerhaven, Germany and which is being supported by Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH. Seagriculture EU will be held on 29-30 June 2022. By organizing 2 annual editions of Seagriculture the organizers believe that they can even better serve the growing seaweed community, not only in Europe but now also in North America.

The organizers would like to thank all sponsors, speakers, chairs and partners for making Seagriculture 2021 a great success and supporting us in building an even greater platform for the seaweed community in the future.

More information on the 2022 editions of Seagriculture will be available soon on and

17 September 2021

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