Seagriculture EU

29-30 June 2022

Bremerhaven, Germany


The Seagriculture Conference is a unique opportunity to engage with a community that is committed to making a difference in the world.

Why become a sponsor?

Why become a sponsor?

✓ Take your opportunity to reach the seaweed community by a highly targeted marketing

✓ Connect with decision makers, organizations, and thought leaders in the industry

✓ Create brand awareness and get the best opportunity to expand your network throughout the seaweed community.



   Who you will meet:   

✓ Seaweed producers

✓ Pharmaceutical and beauty products

✓ Venture capitalists and financial investors

✓ Technology providers

✓ Food companies

✓ Academics and researchers

✓ Government

Download the brochure to checkout the sponsorship opportunities:

You can also:

Sponsor a session 7 500,-

✓ Be heard and seen - up to one hour to present your services or products to more than 160 specialists.

✓ Demonstrate your industry knowledge and leadership.

✓ Grow your brand awareness.

Book a tabletop 1 750,- (incl. 1 conference ticket)

✓ Advertise to a 100% targeted audience and benefit from Cost-Effective Marketing.

✓ Create brand awareness.

✓ Meet your potential customers and partners.

✓ Engage with the attendees - face-to face contact has never been so important.

✓ Benefit from the best opportunity to launch a new product.

Sponsorship opportunities can be designed to fit any business plan and budget. Packages can be tailored to achieve your business goals and help establish a stronger presence within the industry.

There are plenty of ways for your company to have an impact on the Seagriculture 2022 Conference and we are happy to hear from you!

Contact us for more ideas or information regarding sponsorship!




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