Seagriculture EU

21 - 22 June 2023

Trondheim, Norway

Nutrimar’s learnings so far and our future plan with value creation from our blue forest

Edgar Skjervold, Chief Executive Officer, Nutrimar, Norway

About the speaker: 

Edgar Skjervold is an experienced executive from more than 25 years working in various global industrial segments. He has a strong experience in driving technology innovation and business transformations, building high performing teams. With global executive experience and leadership of diverse and multinational teams, Edgar Skjervold joined Nutrimar 1. Jan 2022 and honored to lead a company that has a set purpose to help reduce the climate footprint from our food production value chains.

Company info:

Nutrimar is owned by Kverva Industrier AS and operates a biorefinery plant with multiple production lines at Nordskaget on Frøya in Norway. We upcycle value of by-products from salmon production and harvested kelp to low carbon footprint ingredients to human and feed segments. Nutrimar has invested significant resources into R&D development in cooperation with among other SINTEF and NTNU to find new sustainable ingredients to help reduce the carbon footprint.


Edgar Skjervold will present the story behind the company the visions and our purpose. We will share some learnings from our work with kelp so far and our ambitions for the future. Nutrimar is always seeking cooperations and partnerships with other companies or research institutes that work with value creation from our blue forest.