Seagriculture EU

21 - 22 June 2023

Trondheim, Norway

Using seaweed to reduce methane emissions from cows by 90%

Fredrik Åkerman, CEO and Co-Founder of Volta Greentech, Sweden

About the speaker: 

Fredrik Åkerman is the CEO and Co-founder of Volta Greentech, a Swedish biotechnology company working on battling global warming by which are developing, producing and selling feed supplements that reduce methane emissions from cows. Fredrik founded Volta in 2019 while at university studying Electrical Engineering.

Company info:
Volta Greentech is on a mission to reduce these emissions to mitigate global warming. By providing farmers with an entirely natural seaweed-based feed supplement to drastically reduce the methane emissions produced by dairy cows and beef cattle, the agriculture sector can take a massive leap in going sustainable.


Fredrik from Volta Greentech will present their progress on battling climate change by reducing methane emissions from cows, using seaweed.  

Red seaweed, brown seaweed, alginate