Seagriculture EU

18 - 20 June 2024

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Improved filtration for land-based systems

Jakob Surber, Technical Specialist Aquaculture & Water Treatment, Dryden Aqua, Switzerland

About the speaker: 

Coming from a background in crop science, Jakob specialized in agricultural runoff and nutrient cycles. After working in aquaculture on a practical, as well as broader environmental level, he joined Dryden Aqua as a technical specialist for water treatment in aquaculture and water treatment applications.

Company info:


Dryden Aqua specializes in water treatment, with a focus on mechanical filtration. Its main product is AFM, an activated filter media made from recycled glass. When replacing sand, it provides superior filtration down to one micron, protection from biofouling due to the bio-resistant surface, and the option to remove heavy metals. AFM is used everywhere, where finest mechanical filtration is needed, from drinking water production to industrial wastewater. In aquaculture the focus lies on intake water filtration and delicate, low throughput systems such as hatcheries, larvae-, and algae systems.


Good water quality is essential for all types aquaculture systems. Yet when a system is built, many operators take its shortcomings as a given. This presentation aims to give an overview of mechanical filtration, enabling operators to improve water quality, and increase biosecurity in their most delicate systems. Special focus is placed on removing algae spores from intake water, and reducing bacterial loads in recirculating systems.