Seagriculture EU

18 - 20 June 2024

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Regulatory positioning and related aspects of novel seaweed ingredients in the EU - what is beneficial to know already at product development phase

Mari Lyyra, Head of Operations, Food & Feed and Cosmetics, Oy Medfiles Ltd, Finland 

About the speaker: 

Mari Lyyra is the Head of Operations of Food & Nutrition and Feed at Medfiles Ltd, Finland. The team provides regulatory affairs consultancy services for international clients in the food and feed sector.

Mari is a nutritionist from her background and has worked with food regulatory tasks for 25 years, covering traditional foods, food supplements, functional foods with health claims and innovative ingredients. Mari has extensive experience in consulting her clients in various novel food projects and other regulatory tasks in the EU and the United States. In the recent years, Mari has given several lectures in the food regulatory field at various Nordic events.

Company info:

Medfiles is an international company that offers expert services and support to its clients on their path of product commercialisation. Medfiles’ Food & Feed & Cosmetics unit offers a wide range of professional regulatory services to food, feed and cosmetics companies of all sizes. They provide services for different stages of product research and development process, regulatory reviews, regulatory registration, launch and marketing. 


EU Novel food regulation 2015/2283 may affect to new innovative seaweed ingredients. It is essential for food business operator to define the regulatory status of its ingredient – whether it is considered as a traditional or a novel food ingredient. If the ingredient is found to be a novel, it needs a pre-market authorisation in the EU. Mari will briefly describe the novel foods and its application procedure.