Seagriculture EU

18 - 20 June 2024

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Navigating challenges and fostering unity in Alaska's growing mariculture industry

Nick Mangini, Mariculture Director, Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference, USA

About the speaker: 

Nicholas (Nick) Mangini is the Mariculture Director for the Southwest Alaska Municipal Conference. Nick has been farming kelp since the state’s first farms came online. His farm has been the site of a Department of Energy grant project to study the density possibilities of farms in Alaska. He sits on the Alaska Mariculture Alliance and Kodiak Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He is passionate about building mariculture in Alaska and looks forward to helping shape the industry in Southwest Alaska. He will be traveling to many communities this summer to make connections and will be in close contact with the mariculture liaisons to build back better funds.

Company info:


SWAMC is a regional economic development and regional membership organization that serves subregions of Southwest, Alaska, including Bristol Bay, Kodiak, and Aleutian/Pribilof. Their mission is to advocate for rural communities in this region and provide resources to support economic development.


This presentation provides an overview of Alaska's kelp farming industry, highlighting its growth, challenges, successes, and the barriers hindering further progress. Emphasis is placed on fostering collaboration among industry, education, and government at both local and global levels. Their goal is to offer a pragmatic understanding of Alaska's mariculture industry, leaving you with insights on how collective efforts can shape its future. They aim to initiate genuine discussions on international collaborations, acknowledging the shared responsibility for sustainable practices. The presentation also underscores the collaborative spirit that has propelled the industry's growth, fostering unity among diverse communities within Alaska and worldwide.