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Seagriculture 2018

7th International Seaweed Conference

6-7 November, Galway, Ireland

Meet your conference speakers

Vincent Doumeizel

Vice President Food & Sustainability at Lloyd's Register, UK

"Support & mitigate risks in seaweed supply chain to better feed the world of tomorrow"

Vincent Doumeizel joined in 2014 Lloyd’s Register, the world’s leading provider of independent assessment, as Vice President for Food & Sustainability at group level serving over 100+ countries and tens of thousands clients.

Vincent also supports actively the charitable objectives of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF), notably through the identification & funding of innovative projects to mitigate food insecurity as well as through participation to Advisory Boards in various food universities research projects across Europe. He is actively involved in exploring the impact of block chains on the food supply chain and has contributed to the latest LRF Foresight Reviews of Distributed Ledgers (Block chain) as well as the one of Resilience Engineering. Vincent is also a regular speaker at some of the world’s leading events including COP (United Nations) & the Global Food Safety Conference.


Lloyd’s Register Foundation is funding Wageningen University to develop seaweeds production in offshore wind farm area in order to enable a very sustainable source of food, energy and water. Although seaweed has been used as food for centuries, logistics, multiple uses of the sea space, and lack of standards on safety have limited large scale production. Still, intensive farming presents significant opportunities as seaweed:

a) is very sustainable source of protein (2% of the ocean would be sufficient to feed 12Bn people in proteins)

b) is the only vegetal to grow in salt water but can produce fresh water.

c) Seaweeds absorb carbon dioxide and could mitigate global warming impact; As animal feed, it would cut drastically methane emissions from the cows (GHG emissions from cows equals those from all cars on the planet...)

d) Seaweed residue can create energy through biomass similar to oil

e) Algae has also proved to be an efficient and biodegradable substitute to the plastic packaging that is damaging so much our ecosystem today

Our vision both at Group & Foundation level is to support the seaweed supply chain and address the following issues to :

- Promote parallel activities and benefit from existing offshore infrastructure

- Mitigate safety issues both from food & workers perspective through the development of specific standards

- Support the constitution of a seaweed supply chain to improve resilience in the food supply chain

The presentation will detail how a sustainable and well assured seaweed production could help to feed a world of 10Bn people with sustainable and safe food.

Keywords: Assurance, Sustainability, Food Safety, Supply chain, Seaweed