Seagriculture EU

21 - 22 June 2023

Trondheim, Norway

Cultivating Palmaria palmata in Denmark – where are we and what is to come?

Mette Møller Nielsen, Senior Researcher, National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU Aqua, Denmark

About the speaker: 

Mette Møller Nielsen is a marine biologist with 13 years of experience within seaweed cultivation. She has studied green, brown and red seaweeds looking at optimization of hatchery and farm protocols, biomass utilization, genetic population structure, as well as environmental perspectives for seaweed farming. She is currently involved in projects on large scale farming of kelp for food an marine mitigation measures, upscaled dulse production and farming potentials in relations to off-shore wind farms.

Company info:


DTU Aqua conducts research on low trophic organisms in coastal areas, on bivalve species (mussels and oysters), and other species, such as seaweed, starfish, and crustaceans, in cooperation with industry to enhance sustainability and value of production.


Looking into hatchery aspects of Palmaria palmata production. How do we secure proper spore availability and utilization? Can we secure year round seed supply? And what are the perspectives for large scale production – where and how?