Seagriculture EU

21 - 22 June 2023

Trondheim, Norway

Fantasy and reality related to scaling up seaweed cultivation

Olavur Gregersen, CEO, Co-founder, Ocean Rainforest, Faroe Islands

About the speaker: 

Olavur is our CEO, co-founder and largest shareholder in Ocean Rainforest since 2012. He has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and international consultant as well as being a non-executive Director in several innovative companies and projects.

Company info:


Ocean Rainforest is a pioneering blue growth company located in the Faroe Islands and in California, USA. We offer a collection of seaweed products, mostly for feed, food and cosmetic producers, as well as take part in research projects with a number of different partners.

Our inbuilt focus on research and innovation enables us to develop world-class cultivation methods - making us Europe's leading seaweed cultivator and a pioneer in our industry.

Our team shares the same values of passion, teamwork and pioneering, and through a diverse set of skills and years of combined experience, we continue to explore the potential of this versatile sea plant to meet growing market demand.

Our purpose is to improve people’s wellbeing and to make a unique contribution to our blue planet. We do this by applying science, innovation and expertise, to grow premium quality seaweed for our target customer segments. 


The keynote talk on "Fantasy and Reality Related to Scaling up Seaweed Cultivation" explores the intersection between imagination and practicality when it comes to scaling up seaweed cultivation.  Seaweed has gained significant attention as a sustainable and versatile resource, with numerous potential applications in industries ranging from food and agriculture to pharmaceuticals, bio-packaging, and carbon credits. However, the process of scaling up seaweed cultivation poses various challenges that need to be addressed to turn some of these potentials into reality instead of just becoming fantasy.

The talk will address the potential of seaweed as a part of the solution to global challenges such as climate change, food security, and environmental sustainability.  The speaker will outline the scale of these possibilities, capturing the imagination of scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers alike.

However, the talk also emphasizes the need to confront the practical realities and obstacles associated with scaling up seaweed cultivation. These challenges include technological limitations, competitive market uptake, regulatory frameworks, economic viability, and the ecological impact of large-scale cultivation. The speaker presents an honest assessment of the current state of seaweed cultivation, acknowledging both the progress made and the hurdles that must be overcome for widespread implementation.

Furthermore, the keynote talk explores innovative strategies, cutting-edge technologies, and collaborative efforts that can bridge the gap between fantasy and reality.   The speaker will present a financial ecosystem needed to scale up seaweed cultivation while capitalizing on opportunities.

In conclusion, the keynote urges participants to embrace both the imaginative possibilities and the pragmatic considerations in order to make cultivated seaweed as a resource for a sustainable and prosperous future.