Cargill is supporter of Seagriculture 2016.

Cargill has had a presence in Baupte near Cherbourg since 2006 and the site currently employs around 300 people.

Cargill in BaupteThe Baupte site produces texturizing agents, such as gelling agents,  thickeners and stabilisers, which are essentially used by the food industry, as well as for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications (face creams, medicinal capsules, dental imprints, shampoo).

These complex solutions provide optimum results in terms of texture, stabilisation, taste and mouthfeel.

As part of the business that produces these texturizing agents, the Baupte site plays a key part in innovation, being home to the world research centre for hydrocolloids. Together with their customers Cargill’s experts work in pilot plants, where they develop new recipes and products under conditions that are identical to those in industry.
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