Site visit to ALGAplus

As participant a site visit to ALGAplus is included into the conference fee

ALGAplus produces customized seaweed and seaweed-based products for the food and well-being markets. Our main innovation lies in our sustainable land-based production system (IMTA) that allow us to continuously provide Atlantic seaweed with high levels of quality, security and traceability, offering unique and customized solutions to our customers needs. An example of that is the production of protein-enriched sea lettuce (Ulva rigida) achieved only by optimizing the natural factors that impact the seaweed’s development and chemical composition. These are clear advantages in relation to the importation of seaweeds or to the harvest of the wild-resource which, besides being variable in terms of availability and quality, demands a strict and effective management of the resource in order to prevent negative impacts on the coastal ecosystems.

Our products under the brands ALGA+®, Tok de Mar ® and Sea Originals are organic certified. ALGA+® seaweeds are the solution for businesses seeking a natural and healthy ingredient assured with quality, traceability, organic certification, stability of supply and small carbon-foot print that can help to differentiate their products. Aware of the nutritional qualities and in order to boost the western seaweed market, we also work for the final consumer; Tok de Mar® are seaweed-based finished food products developed in-house and in partnerships, that can be found in specialty retailers (natural, organic, gourmet and seafood) and restaurants.

Being research the backbone of our company, we keep a strong international R&D network that allow us to optimize processes, fully characterize and discover new added-value properties for our seaweed biomass as well as develop new seaweed-based products. Seaweed bread, salted honey, gin, canned foods and ready meals are an example of some products already launched in the market.

ALGAplus production site is in Ílhavo, a city near Aveiro, bathed in a saltwater lagoon with an area of 11,000 hectares, with recognized ecological value. The land-based seaweed system is located within a fish farm of high quality sea bass and sea bream. During the visit, SEAGRICULTURE participants will have the opportunity to see (and taste!) a bit of ALGAplus routine, from seaweed production to processing!




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