Throwback to Seagriculture 2015

A quote of John Benemann, one of the attendees:

"Now a special thanks and congratulations for a great conference!   As you know, I am a frequent conferencee, so can judge comparatively, and this was indeed quite a superior meeting. As a attendee wanting to learn about the field, the latest in commercial developments and technology state-of-the-art, I could not have done better - informative, Debat what would you do with 2 mlncomprehensive and topical.  Excellent presentations and speakers. Great networking, just the right size meeting for getting to know people.  And superb food - I am recommending the chefs for other algae meetings! - and entertainment.  OK, I  think I covered it all, except for the nice video !

You now have a major challenge: how to make Lisbon even better!  OK, if you can just come close to this one, that would be fantastic."

John R. Benemann, CEO MicroBio Engineering, Inc., California  93406 1 805 242 3540
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