Cargill supports Seagriculture 2016

[caption id="attachment_1046" align="alignleft" width="205"]Cargill continues its support for Seagriculture in 2016 Cargill continues its support for Seagriculture in 2016[/caption]

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world, and supports Seagriculture again this year.

The company employs 149,000 people in 70 countries, and its operations cover the following markets:

  • Agricultural trading and processing
  • Food ingredients
  • Meat, poultry and eggs
  • Farmer services
  • Animal nutrition and feed
  • Energy and industrial
  • Financial

Of course, we are most interested in the company's link with seaweed! For this, we turn to food ingredients, and hydrocolloids in particular: Cargill extracts alginate from brown algae for use as a stabilizer and thickening- and gel-forming agent. Cargill supplies alginate to the food industry under the brands Satialgine® alginate (as thickening agent), Algogel® alginate and Cecalgum™ alginate (as gelling agent). Alginate finds applications in creams and dessert creams, ice cream, processed cheese and powder products.
Carrageenan, on the other hand, is extracted from red seaweeds and is added to food products to improve texture and mouthfeel, but also to prevent syneresis, or the expulsion of a liquid from a gel. Aside from applications in dairy, carrageenan is also applied in meat and fish products, for fat reduction for instance.

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