Don´t miss the chance to join and meet up with seaweed representatives from:

Registration still open, networking time!

AFRIKELP PTY LTD, Ajinomoto, ALGANACT, Algasol, Allsea Seaweedfoods, Amadeite / Olmix, Amber Josephine Design Productions, Annet van Essen, Cargill, CEVA, Cinvestav-Unidad Mérida México, Cité de la Mer, CNAM, CNRS-IBIP, CRBN, Daithi O'Murchu Marine Research Station, DIANA, DLG BENELUX, DLG e.V., ENSCR, French National Deputy, Gerard Roos Websites & Fotografie, Goëmar-Arysta,  GREENSEA SAS, HZ University Of Applied Sciences, Ifremer, IHC MTI B.V., INRA Dijon, Inrada Group, INVIVO-NSA, Laboratory of Applied Biotechnology: Biomolecules, LEI, Meatless, NIBIO, Nutri-Use BV, Ocean Harvest Technology, OILEAN GLAS TEO, Provinciale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij West-Vlaanderen, Ruitenberg Ingredients, SB Roscoff, Scottish Marine Institute, Seamorefood, Seaweed Energy Solutions AS, Seaweed Research Unit, Faculty of Science and Natural Resources, University of Malaysia Sabah, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, SMEL, St Noordzeeboerderij, TEAGASC, Thomas Cook University, Tours INRA, Trade Corp.Intern. S.A.U, Université Blaise Pascal Polytech Clermont-Ferrand, University of Malaysia Terengganu, Vilmorin & Cie - DS, Wageningen UR.
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