Macro-algae to reduce the use of antibiotics in feed

Pi Nyvall Collén, R&D Manager at the Olmix Group and Seagriculture 2015 speaker states that seaweed components can improve livestock health.

"All marine macro-algae contain functional polysaccharides that can improve livestock health" says Nyvall Collén. Found in the macro-algae's cell walls, these polysaccharides can inhibit bacterial growth while stimulating the production of immunity mediators. An excellent application of these sulphated polysaccharides can therefore be as livestock feed components, so as to limit the growth of pathogens and to increase animal immune response. Such preventative measures could, in the long run, reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock farming.

Read the full article here (in Dutch), or check the Olmix website for more information
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