Ocean Harvest Technology supporter of Seagriculture 2015

Ocean Harvest Technology (OHT) is supporter of Seagriculture 2015. Ocean Harvest Technology (OHT) is an Irish limited company founded in 2005 by Dr Stefan Kraan, an internationally recognised scientist and expert on algae and seaweed applications and Patrick Martin a 25 year veteran of the global salmon aquaculture industry.


OHT has recently completed its new R&D and administration headquarters in Galway, Ireland and its new manufacturing, distribution and sales branch in Vietnam. OHT has created a variety of patented seaweed based formulas based on the bioactive ingredients present in the different seaweeds that replace the synthetic and other less desirable ingredients found in a variety of agri- and aquacultural feed ingredients.

These proven and proprietary formulas represent a breakthrough in the animal rearing and farming sectors, being the first 100% sustainable marine sourced ingredient formulas of their kind.   After extensive testing during a variety of animal and fish trials, OHT has created OceanFeed™-salmonids, -shrimp, -swine, -bovine, -sheep –equine, -Poultry and C-pet, a pet food supplement which OHT now sells to several global clients in the fish, shrimp and animal rearing industries. Innovation and development has led to several other value added products for animal health and disease issues in farmed animals. OHT supports its unique formulas with an extremely experienced and successful scientific and technical management team working alongside the founders.
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