Spotlight on Seaweed Product Potential


Woerden, 29 June 2015

Spotlight on Seaweed Product Potential

The aim to discover the Seaweed Product Potential with Seaweed extract and seaweed as whole product is set for Seagriculture 2015, the international platform for seaweed. Some 150 delegates from 15 countries are expected to join the conference on 22-23 September 2015 in Cherbourg, Normandy, France.

Seaweed is a booming product. Seaweed, like Nori, contains almost all essential molecules for sound health, from minerals to protein, fatty acid to amino acids. It also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, E and the fighting nucleotides to valuable fibers. The increasing health benefits have increased the number of consumers several fold. The world production of farmed seaweeds more than doubled from 2000–2012. Aquaculture is the fastest growing animal farming sector now. The potential of seaweed is enormous and not yet all applications are explored.

This edition sheds her light on the potential of seaweed extract or seaweed as whole. Internationally recognizes speakers contribute to the program. The key note speeches will be given by Stéphane Travert, French national deputy and Willem Brandenburg of Wageningen University. These speakers will point out the importance of Seaweed for the Normandy region and set a futuristic view to 2015 on the development on seaweed.

In the next sessions the following speakers amongst others will contribute:

Session: Seaweed harvest and aquaculture - Shaojun Pang, IOCAS, China: Commercial hatchery in Asia: what can we learn from the East! - Dr. Martial Laurans, Ifremer Brest, France: Overview of all type of harvesting of kelp, seaweed for food, compare French system with others

Session: Market, quality and standardization - Julie Maguire, Indigo Rock Marine Station, Ireland: An overview of the European algal industry and guide to best practice - Paz Perez, Tradecorp International, Spain: Regulating seaweeds: a long journey

- Michele Stanley, SAMS, United Kingdom: Market, Quality and Standardization - Yannick Lerat, CEVA, France: Seaweed markets: from the Ocean of Opportunities to Real Life Economics

Session: Green chemistry - Hidetaka Doi, Ajinomoto, Research Institute for Bioscience Products and Fine Chemicals, Japan: Method for producing l-amino acid from seaweed-derived biomass. - Thierry Benvegnu, ENSCR, France: New surfactant made of seaweed

Session: Seaweeds for Plants (ex biostimulants and elicitor) - Franck Hennequart, Oilean Glas Teo, Ireland, Standardisation of Seaweed extracts for plant biostimulation: some insights on the industrial constraints

- Dr. Anne Guiboileau, Goëmar-Arysta, France: The biostimulant action and the elicitor action of seaweed extracts - Dr. Xavier Daire, INRA Dijon, France: The potential of algal saccharides as resistance inducers for crop protection - Dr. Gabriel Krouk, CNRS-IBIP, France: How Plants respond to a combination of signals: Are Biostimulant effects triggered by a cocktail of molecules?

The complete program is to be found at the website.
The sessions will be followed with a roundtable debate on Economics. After the conference program a unique site visit to a Salmon Farm and Cité de la Mer with guide (biologist) is planned.

The setup of the sessions is to ensure that scientists and corporate speakers are present in every session to discover the in depth background and show how products are valorized.

The conference is organized by DLG BENELUX on 22-23 September in La Cité de la Mer in Cherbourg, Normandy, France. More information on the conference can be found on

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