Workshop after the SEAGRICILTURE conference

After the SEAGRICULTURE conference, a special workshop will be organised by the SOMOS-team about Technical Standards for Safe Production of Food and Feed from marine plants and Safe Use of Ocean Space. The workshop will be held on the 9th of November 2017 between 10:00-12:30h (followed by a lunch). The venue is:

Wageningen Economic Research
Alexanderveld 5, 2585 DB Den Haag, Netherlands
tel: 31 (0)70 335 83 30

The SOMOS project is granted by Lloyds Register Foundation and is a joint research project of Wageningen Research and TNO. One aim of the project is to develop a safety framework that will assist in developing the multi-use of the seas. This framework considers a multidisciplinary approach from three perspectives: (1) food and feed safety, (2) operational safety of employees and equipment, and (3) safety of the wider environment.

In this workshop, we will focus on the further development of the safety framework and stakeholder’s role in this framework.

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